Thursday, April 7, 2016

Whole Foods Calamari

I hadn't been to a Whole Foods in over a year, since I moved away from Little Rock. I shopped there ALL the time when I lived down South. But when I moved to the Portland area, I started shopping everyday at New Seasons, because there was one pretty close to my home. And it was something new. A Pacific Northwest original.

Then I got a new Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, and I downloaded the Samsung Pay app. After my first purchase, I received a $30 gift card from my choice of retailers. I chose Whole Foods. OH MY!!

I went to the one in the Pearl district. It's huge, and it's a great example of why this place is the Pacific North Wonderland (PNW). I discovered that at the seafood and meat department, you can have them SEASON your purchase with your choice of seasonings. Wow! I consider 3 benefits of this: (1) savings on out of pocket cost for marinades, and (2) efficient marinade time on your dinner for the night! It's always nice when someone else pitches in, isn't it? Then (3) free tastings of seasonings. I also trust their seasonings not to have artificial stuff that I would not buy if I read the label the way I love to do.

So I went two times in one week. I opted once for the lemon dill seasoning for the dish you see above, going the Mediterranean route with shirataki noodles. The squid cooks up quickly in just a couple of minutes when sauteed, then the drained noodles can be added to just warm them up. Then the garnish of green onions and crushed red pepper add flavor and dimension.    

Another tasty seasoning was the Thai Curry option, which I also paired with shirataki noodles. Garnished with cilantro and green onions, it leaned more toward the Asian style of cuisine. I wonder what I should try next?!

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