Thursday, March 24, 2016

Eggs and Excellence

Our family loves eggs. So many ways! Fried, poached, scrambled, with steak, with tacos, with asparagus. Yes please!

The hubby was home for WEEEEEEEEEEEKS over the Christmas holiday. He can eat eggs every. Single. Day. For breakfast. It was a great time for me to perfect them to the best of my ability. Because ever since he joined the management team of his company, he has become this "I want to see perfection" type person while still criticizing in a manner that says, "You're an awesome cook. Some days you can be even more awesome." (The white is not quite set here, the yolk is a little more coagulated than I sent me timing my cooking down to the second.) Most days he was perfectly happy, though!

I'm pretty proud of his experience up on the North Slope this past year. His superior has been an excellent influence on him, and I know he admires him very much. I'm a firm believer of leaders who lead by example. I've seen changes in my husband because he has been a part of something really special. An exceptional team. It makes all the difference in the world! I've seen this for myself two times in my life. Craig and Marie, two mentors I'll never forget. 

So while I thought I was semi-retired from work outside the home, I still maintained the mindset of a successful sales rep. I've never wanted to be mediocre at anything. I need to excel. Even if it's just while working inside the home. Just for him and the kids' admiration!
I've discovered that fried eggs can be done either fast or slow. Because cooking is all about time and temperature. Above, this egg was the slow variety. It yields a pretty sunny side up yolk and smooth white. It starts on the stove, goes into the oven a few minutes, then is quickly finished on the stove.
The fast egg goes onto a hot pan with oil, gets covered for two minutes, and produces lots of sizzling and spitting. The white covers the yolk in a thin layer. 

Then there's the beauty of the poached egg! It's an oil - free rounded egg! Four minutes and done.

The poached egg with a solid set white and runny yolk is a favorite!

And of course, the farm fresh eggs are what we love the most!

If you're a stay at home mom, kudos to you. I hope everyone knows just how exceptional you are. If you're a mom who works outside the home and also takes care of your family like my mom did, I'll share my favorite motivation quote that I saw hanging in the kitchen of Forty Two, the restaurant inside the Clinton Presidential Center back home in Little Rock: "Keep Calm and Finish Strong."

If you ever visit the CPC, look for my husband's name in the lobby where Bill thanks the people who were a part of the construction. It's under R for Rasico. Something about having our name on that wall feels.....presidential. 

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