Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gumbo z'Herbes

I had never heard of Gumbo z'Herbes until last month when it was served to me by my friend Brian Kearns, Executive Chef of Oceans and Arthur's in Little Rock at a group dinner with several other friends where we had all signed up for a 4 course tasting at his restaurant.  He served it with an oyster on the side that we could add just before diving in. I had to look up gumbo z'herbes after that, so I found some great info at Saveur. It's essentially a meatless gumbo served during lent with greens, and since I grew up Catholic, I would have loved knowing about this dish! I also love kale, so of course I chose it as my greenery of choice. 

I have a love of Cajun food because Louisiana is a neighboring state of Arkansas where I grew up, and I visited the state often. I also visited New Orleans regularly because I shared an apartment with a girl from Louisiana in my college years. She attended Loyola University, and her family had a part of a company called Savoie's Sausage and Food. Needless to say, I sampled many of those great wonders!! But no wonder she never told me about this dish, there's no sausage in it!! 

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