Saturday, August 30, 2014

Smoke Restaurant in Dallas

When we arrived at Smoke at The Belmont Hotel last weekend in Dallas, we were told it would be about an hour wait for a table at brunch.  We knew it would be worth it.  We've heard of this place and Chef Time Byres from Food & WineCooking Channel, and the James Beard Foundation.  

We made our way to the crowded bar, scanned the restaurant, and found an opening to get a drink.  I ordered two mimosas for myself and my friend Joe. I handed the bartender a twenty dollar bill for the drinks, and he said, "That'll be thirty two dollars."  I blinked at him. "They're bottomless," he said.  I told Joe I needed twelve more dollars, he handed me fifteen, and he waved off the three dollars for a tip.  We clinked our glasses, and I said, "Here's to getting our money's worth."  He said, "Let's make sure they LOSE money today."  As I took another look at the crowded restaurant, I noticed that everybody there was drinking mimosas and dining on some scrumptious looking dishes.  No way this place could lose money today.  The draw of the smell of Smoke continued to bring more people through the door as we waited.
Joe and my daughter Gianna both ordered the Pulled Pork Whole Hog BBQ Eggs Benedict with Goat Cheese Potato Cakes.  They both loved them.
We added a side of Cured and Smoked Salmon to share.  Gianna and I love smoked salmon!  It was delicious!!
I had a plate of NC style Pulled All Natural Whole Hog with a side of Blue Cheese Cole Slaw and BBQ Fries.
After checking into the hotel, and taking a nice nap, we returned for dinner.  The Double Barrel Bloody Mary had to be the best I've ever had.  I'm a lover of Bloody Marys, so I've tried several.  The Smoke version included Starlight Texas Vodka, Tim's Roasted Tomato & Chile Mix, Olive Juice, and Pickle Relish.  It was perfect.
Gianna had a beautiful Cheese Plate, and the smoked cheddar was my favorite.  She loved the goat cheese.
I started with a Small Plate of Oysters, then a Chicken Tamale with Farm Egg, Red Sauce, and Radishes.
I loved the presentation.  
I loved that when I cut into the egg, the yolk didn't run.  I really don't like runny yolks.  And the yolk wasn't overcooked.  It was the most perfect egg I'd ever been served in a restaurant.  

If I lived in Dallas, I would be a regular at Smoke.  The smell there was so enticing, the food and drinks delicious and satisfying, the atmosphere laid back and fun.  I hope to return again. 

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