Sunday, May 25, 2014

Riverfest 2014

One of my favorite traditions on Memorial Day weekend is attending Riverfest.  This year, I attended on day 2 on Saturday as soon as the gates opened at 11 am, highly anticipating some good food and freshly squeezed lemonade.
Flossie's lemonade stands are located all throughout the area during Riverefest, where you can watch them squeeze the lemons, add the water, a little sugar, then a good shaking for just a few Riverbucks.
Santa Lucia food vendors also had some tasty sausage, and I enjoyed every bite of mine.  
Santa Lucia also had beef & lamb gyros available.  There was no shortage of great food on the River Market grounds!
I thought it was really smart of the people who had the curly fries to set them out on display!  In front of their food trailer sat a table displaying their available food.
Chan's teriyaki chicken was my favorite as always.  The chicken was perfectly tender and delicious, never dry like some chicken tends to be.
The guys offering pork skin samples knew just how to reel us in.  Free samples?  SOLD!
More free samples?  Yes...and beef jerky is one of our favorite things!!  We chose 5 packages.  My favorite was the sweet & hot.  Second favorite:  green chili & garlic.  You can find them under the bridge (kind of) as you head towards the Clinton Library.  They're my new favorite!

I hated missing out on the Best Burger contest, but we had to split the day between Riverfest and our other Memorial Day weekend tradition, the Caldwell Crawfish Boil.  But we managed to enjoy quite a bit of the festival in just a few hours!
Thanks to the folks at Riverfest for giving me free access to get in and eat some of my favorite food!  As always, the day time entertainment meant for my kids also left me laughing and enjoying the kids zone.  We look forward to this evening when we'll head back out to enjoy the great music, more food with a glass of wine or two, and the sensational fireworks finale.   

For more coverage on the food available at Riverfest, check out other food writers Kevin Shalin at Rock City Eats and Kat Robinson at Tie Dye Travels.


  1. What a wonderfully tasty sounding day! The lamb gyros and chicken teriyaki on a stick would have been my favorites. Yum!

    Stopped over from the AR Women Bloggers linky. So great to see fun things to do in our state!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Deborah! I'll be checking out the AR Women Bloggers Sunday linkup soon too. The food was really good, too, so stop by Riverfest if you get a chance!

  3. Makes me want to attend next year! Yum. Made my mouth water...

  4. Mmmm... Looks like a foodie heaven. I couldn't make it this year because I was shooting a wedding in Mississippi, but looks like something I'd love to go to. :)

  5. Looks delicious! I grew up attending RiverFest in Wichita and have been curious about the Little Rock event.

  6. I have never attended RiverFest, but all this food makes me want to make the trip. #arwb

  7. Thanks to all you ladies for stopping by! I love Riverfest and I hope you'll all go next year!