Friday, April 11, 2014

Tusk & Trotter American Brasserie

I have to say this is one of the best food pictures I have ever taken.  The presentation was so thoughtful, and I highly appreciated it as if it was done just to impress me.  Of course it wasn't.  It's Tusk & Trotter's incredible stroke of genius and sensational style.  I live for beautifully styled food.  And I enjoyed their spicy housemade pork rinds so much, I wish they would send some to me right now!
So this was how I started my work day in the Northwest Arkansas region.  Just a little sampling of bacon bloody mary and pastrami bloody mary.  This is the kind of place where a lone traveler like myself can sit comfortably at the bar and enjoy some great food and restaurant talk with the bartenders Andy & Al and end up friends with them on Instagram & Twitter.  Food and drink are a commonality that can quickly turn people from strangers into friends in an instant.  I have friends on social media that I have never even met!
I was a very, very bad glutton on the entire trip.  I had a LOT of food.   I am currently limiting my food portions because I chose to totally splurge while I was up in the area.  This was the crispy pig ear salad. which I chose to pair with the citrus vinaigrette.  I love unusual textures - I never hesitate to try new things.  I'm so glad I tried this pig ear salad, loved it!  I need more restaurants to give me new things to try and enjoy.  
I was gathering that this place could do no wrong, so I had to have the baby - back ribs for my entree.  I personally love ribs, but so many restaurants don't make them as good as say, my big brother at home in his smoker.  These were the best ribs I've ever had, and my big brother even commented on my Facebook post of them that they looked really good.  And he's the type to never comment or interact on Facebook.  These ribs must have really caught his eye!  I wish I had some right now, with that perfect  housemade barbecue sauce..   
If you visit the Northwest Arkansas or Bentonville area, go to Tusk & Trotter.
I stayed at Aloft.  It was quite cozy and I also hit it off with the bartender in the lounge.  "We're all only 80 percent Paleo."  Hilarious!  Cool guy from Philadelphia...
The room was pretty cozy and I loved the layout of the bathroom.  I have it mentally memorized for the next house that I hope to build soon.  And I hope to see Bentonville again soon too.

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