Monday, April 14, 2014

Table 28 Little Rock

I have another restaurant love letter to write.  Currently, I have 2 lightbulbs out in my kitchen.  I told my electrically - inclined husband that if he wanted me to perform in the kitchen, then he should find time to change out the light bulbs.  You can imagine his reply to that!  He works several weeks in Alaska and several weeks off when home.  So the simple task of changing a lightbulb or two while on "vacation" does not appeal to him.  He does more important things while earning his pay like power & heat oil pipelines and keep the red and green wires from getting crossed........I think!  Who knows??  What I do know is I won't be doing much cooking this week.  Looks like we're eating out!
If you plan to eat out in Little Rock, I highly recommend Table 28.  The Tongue & Cheek dish was one of the first that I tried at Table 28.  It's beautifully composed and definitely delicious.  You can't get a dish like this anywhere else in town.  The flavor is incredibly rewarding.  
That's my friend Scott Rains, Executive Chef at Table 28.  He's marinating the Tomahawk Ribeye that they serve at the restaurant.  I love all of his creations.  We've all been working together from the beginning to ensure that Table 28 is well branded.  It just makes sense to market your strengths among a community of flourishing food providers.  Utilizing local resources is also important to this group, and advertising that helps people know because it matters.  More people in the community seem to be looking for the restaurants who are involved in supporting local farms and Arkansas products.
Scott creates beautiful compositions, and I've been fortunate to enjoy so many of them.
Here you can see Scott's bone marrow, quail bird lollipops, oxtail, and the tongue & cheek.
He's also been SO nice on occasion to send out dessert for my girls!!  I don't usually write about restaurants because I have several friends who do it so well.  Table 28 has had great write ups already.  I just had so many pictures of great food taking up space on my computer, and I wanted to share them.  It's a great restaurant!  And a great place for Date Night.  If you want a second date, take her to Table 28.

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