Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Oceans at Arthurs in Little Rock

Arkansas is full of talented chefs, whether they are the rising stars of the industry, or if they're the seasoned vets or somewhere in between.  Among them, I recently noted that one of Little Rock's best Chef Brian Kearns had joined Oceans at Arthur's as well as sister restaurant Arthur's Prime Steakhouse.  It gave me a reason to visit.  

So I pulled up a seat at Oceans and tried the char-grilled oysters NOLA style.  I could taste the char-grilled aftertaste in my mouth, and I savored it.  This style of oysters came with 3 of my favorite ingredients:  butter, garlic, and cheese.  There's no denying how satisfied I was with this first dish.
Then I received a table greet from the owner Jerry Barakat.  We talked about his 2 daughters and my two daughters.  Jerry and I go back a long way.  Next thing I knew, we received an amazing sushi dish from Chef Alex.  I don't often order sushi, to be honest, but I loved this special concoction that he put together for us.  I ate every bit of it and forgot to save any for anyone else.  It was actually unlike me.
Ahhhh.....the smoked salmon.  I believe I ate 3 of these, intending to save 2 for my daughter Gianna.  This is my 10 year old's favorite thing.  I wanted to eat all of them very badly.  The crostini was perfectly thinly toasted, with just a little of the creamy spread, then the pastrami flavored smoked salmon.  Full of flavor, perfect textures and I could have eaten it all night long.
My 8 year old simple Sasha just wanted a little edamame.  When it arrived, I reveled in the garlicky aroma.  Never had edamame like this before!
Then the new menu items arrived:  scallops with polenta fries and remoulade.  The scallop rested on a small bed of spinach, perfectly wilted and flavored.  The polenta fries were crispy on the outside, delicious dipped in the remoulade.  The flavor of the spinach and the remoulade rounded out every bite.
And the scallops were just perfectly seared and caramelized.
The restaurant is called Oceans, and it provides delicious fish like this crispy pike on citrus risotto with asparagus and tomato relish.  Sooooo wonderful!!!!
Another possibility for you to try soon at Oceans at Arthur's is the roasted barramundi with quinoa tabouli and crispy shallot.  Delicious!

Our desserts consisted of chocolate creme brulee, chocolate turtle cheesecake, and creme bruleee.  My daughters LOVED!!

Oceans at Arthurs is amazing, and everyone should try it for themselves.  Next door, sister restaurant Arthur's Prime Steakhouse has a menu full of great offerings such as premium Kobe steaks, duck breast, Wagyu beef carpaccio, lobster, and lamb.  It's a good thing you can order off either menu on both sides.  I have many more items to try on both sides!

I actually had dinner at both restaurants 2 nights back to back, and I noticed how attentive the service was on both sides.  I will continue to return for the quality of the food, the great atmosphere, the experienced staff, and the variety of interesting menu items.  Arthur's has your fine dining tablecloth setting while Oceans is slightly more casual with fun, upbeat music lightly playing in the background.  My favorite dining companions, young daughters Gianna & Sasha were even treated like valued guests, so it looks like we're now members of the regular crowd.   


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