Sunday, December 15, 2013

Little Greek Restaurant

Little Rock recently gained the 16th Little Greek Restaurant, with most of its locations in Florida, a few in Texas, and now 1 in Arkansas.  The food is served up in big portions with bold flavor, and the menu offers so much that I love.  On my first visit, I tried the gyro platter which came with a great big generous portion as well as a huge side salad.  The dressing was perfectly distributed, departing flavor in every bite.  It came topped with tasty potato salad and a sliced beet that made me want to immediately go home and make more beets.
I can eat soup everyday, and while I've only had Avgolemono Chicken Lemon Rice Soup at one other Greek restaurant in town (Taziki's), I immediately fell in love with the offering at Little Greek Restaurant.  I could eat this soup and that salad and those gyros on a weekly basis!  And Tuesday nights are Kids Eat Free night, sooooo.....what a great night to do that!  They also have a nice Sauvignon Blanc that I enjoyed as well.  Loved the texture of this thick, lemony soup!
My lunch mate ordered the chicken skewers, aka Souvlaki, which came nestled on a big bed of rice and the same Greek salad on the side.  I love the variety that you get at Little Greek Restaurant!
The owner invited me back for a night of tastings with some other food bloggers in town, and I was so glad I was able to try their Dolmades.  The grape leaves are served warm, stuffed with ground beef and rice.  I love this because other places serve the grape leaves stuffed only with rice - cold.  My preference is warm with the ground beef.  I helped make these with a friend once.  I wondered why restaurants did them differently, but my guess is that it's a regional dish done differently depending on where you are.  So glad this version made its way back to me.
Little Greek Restaurant is a great place for lunch or dinner.  The Greek salad is full of flavor, and the grilled chicken is tender.  The people are great, service is timely, and the owner is right there on top of everything to keep the quality at the highest standard.  He noted that sometimes even when he isn't there, he's heard that everything has run smoothly.  Particularly, the night that Eat Arkansas writer Michael Roberts dropped in to review the place.  Owner Thad wasn't there that night, so he was glad to hear that his crew did well without him....Whew, glad that one went well!


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