Friday, September 13, 2013


Fonda is one of Little Rock's many newly opened restaurants, and it resides on Bowman Curve in Little Rock.  Bumpy's occupied the location before it, and The Faded Rose before it.  I didn't understand the name before I went in, and I only walked in because I was meeting our photographer at Snap Fitness next door for a photo shoot.  No offense, Fonda, but many of us have driven by several times, and most of us thought that it would suck.  Is that mean to say?  I usually try to be nice, you know.  Knowing me, I'll feel bad and change this in a day or two.

But this marketing trick that you employed really worked well in your favor.  I popped in only to grab a menu to go, and the owner said it was my lucky day for wearing a black dress that day.  Well, I am going to wear black dresses more often then!

If anybody read that post that I didn't mean to post, well, you know how I feel about owners being accessible.  And how servers represent and reflect the attitude of ownership.  But, I'm not one to judge.  And I'm not one to be mean on my blog.  It just truly is an honor when the owner of a restaurant checks on you to see how you enjoy their personal touch.  If it is their personal touch.
The owner made this pomegranate margarita for me, topped with hibiscus flowers.  Simply amazing...the pork carnitas were amazing.  I took a bite of the meat on its own and told Alex that it tasted like something I had been cooking in my kitchen for hours.  But his was better.  That's why he has a restaurant and I don't!
Churros... with choice of chocolate or caramel for dipping.   I have never had these.  I almost could not stop eating them, too.  They've never appealed to me at the state fair or from Sam's Club.  But these had a filling that was amazing, a perfect pastry texture, and they were enjoyed with pleasure, although slightly guilty. 

Try out Fonda.  I know I will again soon.  In Spanish, it translates to "small restaurant."

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