Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pizza Cafe West

We've been friends with the owners of Pizza Cafe for a very long time.  We heard about Richard long before we even knew him.  (He was married to the mother of a girl who John R. dated when he was in high school at North East.)  And John tells the best stories..  So we heard the best stories about Richard.  Then my best friend married him.
Long before Frankie & Richard met, I used to join Frankie on the patio at Pizza Cafe on Rebsamen often to have this cheese bread (without the pepperoni.)  This was all before the anti - carb movement, too.  I loved the stuff.  We also often had beers.  It was the place to go on Sundays for Sunday beer, a term that only Arkansas must have.  It probably still is, for all I know.  The place for Sunday beer.
Frankie & I lived at Vantage Point apartments together, and we would drive to Grumpy's in West Little Rock for what we called "evil wine."  We would end up prank calling our guy friends, then the next day it wouldn't seem as funny as it had the night before.  It was embarrassing.  Then I lived in West Little Rock, and we were trekking downtown to Midtown Billiards - across town again.  Why?  Anyway, I enjoyed some "good" wine at Pizza Cafe West - the Sauvignon Blanc.
One year, our bestie Joe Keys "outed" me.  He told Frankie that "Thanh doesn't even LIKE pizza!!!!"  It's just because my husband Jereme eats it and craves it so much, it drove me to not wanting anymore of it. Also, it was the beginning of that anti - carb movement, I think.  But I do love wings!  I love love love the ranch at Pizza Cafe West, too.
My 10 year old Gianna spotted the chicken caesar salad on the Pizza Cafe West menu.  She had to have it.  Looks pretty to me!  And she ate it all..
My 8 year old Sasha was super excited for Pure Sunshine Le Pops!  From Richard's sister - in - law Laurie. A great dessert to end your meal at Pizza Cafe West.  Food Network magazine actually featured Le Pops in last month's issue!  I highly recommend Pizza Cafe and Le Pops.  I'm totally biased and love them.  They're good people.

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