Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Butcher Shop Bone - in - Ribeye

My husband and I have ventured downtown often to Riverfront Steakhouse for a good bone - in - ribeye, which is a substantial drive for us from West Little Rock.  It has been our great steak go - to for quite some time.  But recently, on Twitter, my food blogger friends and other foodie types started talking about The Butcher Shop.  So I had it on my mind.  I haven't been there in many, many years because I still thought they didn't serve wine!  And how can I enjoy a steak without a good Malbec or Zinfandel?

So when my husband started throwing out some steak ideas last week, I was delighted that he thought of The Butcher Shop!  Yes, I'm attending with my foodie friends group in July, and one of them called me a cheater for going early, but my husband was treating!  
You can actually grill your own steak when you visit The Butcher Shop.  Here's the grill stocked with seasonings and tongs for your use.
I believe you can pick out your own steak from the meat case here.  We decided to let The Butcher Shop cook for us, though.  We were really happy with the turnout.  The steak was perfect to me - between rare and medium rare.
Before the steaks, my husband decided to try the Ariel Dip with Chicken.  When I saw the thin chips, I knew my husband would love them.  He likes thin chips.  He was really happy with all this.
The steaks at The Butcher Shop came with an au poivre option - having your steak encrusted with black pepper and seared, then topped with a shallot, bell pepper, demi brandy sauce.  You can even have the sauce on the side.  I would never have it any other way.  So satisfying, and so delicious!  I highly recommend  The Butcher Shop.  

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