Friday, May 3, 2013

Southern Gourmasian Gnocchi

I can tell when I talk to the owner of  The Southern Gourmasian food truck that he's the type of person who has wheels turning constantly in his mind.  I've been following the truck for a while now, and the friendly chef is usually asking me my opinion of some idea he has or telling me about a food plan that he has soon.  (He appreciates that I have a passion for food and knows that I write a food blog.)

My day job is in advertising, and I've had the pleasure of talking to business owners over the years about what makes their business better, why people should choose them over the competition, and how they will keep customers coming back when I send them there via radio, TV, print, or Internet.  I see how some business owners just constantly have wheels turning.  It's a great thing.  Who knows what makes one business thrive while the other fails.  I asked this of Pleasant Ridge Town Center's Angie J. herself during a meeting.  Look at how much Schickel Development has grown!  Amazing!!  In 2008, I thought we were experiencing an economic downturn.  But they were building Pleasant Ridge Town Center as well as The Promenade at Chenal.

It made no sense then, but look!  Little Rock gained from local shopping.  Instead of going to Dallas or the Internet, I could save on gas money, stay in West Little Rock (my favorite), engage in shopaholic tendencies, and contribute to local economic growth!  

If you've never had gnocchi, they are Italian dumplings that can be served up in any manner..with sauces, in soups, etc.  I have had these in a few places from Little Rock to St. Louis to Midtown Manhattan.  I've enjoyed them, and I've bought them in the store many times.  I've never had them home-made like these perfect little pillowy soft, tender, toasted and flavorful Southern Gourmasian gnocchi.  They need no sauce at all.  In some Italian restaurants, you can have them drowned in sauce.  I enjoyed them so much more with Southern Gourmasian's combination of pork torchon, baby mustards, grilled radishes, pickled red onion, and radish salad.  The flavor combination was amazing!!  Many of these things were from their home garden.  We foodies love farm to table food!

Eat from The Southern Gourmasian when you can, know that I highly approve of them without fail, and look forward to an upcoming cooking class with the chef himself - I'm hoping he shares his secret to the best gnocchi ever!  Okay, so it's Thomas Keller's recipe, but I'd love to watch his technique on how to get it done right!  Email me at if you have any questions!

Cooking Class with The Southern Gourmasian coming soon!  Stay in touch!  :)

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