Friday, March 8, 2013

NYPD Pizza

I occasionally enjoy sharing places that serve good food - outside my own kitchen!  And who else would confirm or point me in the right direction, other than my husband, love of my life.  That's right....that's why I'm with him.  This week was a good reminder of how not to conduct yourself in the face of criticism, whether it be harsh or not.  The fact that social media is quite public should be enough to refrain from ugliness.  But if you don't care, you don't care.  Either way, it made me want to eat some good pizza.  Or stromboli, in this case.  I love NYPD's stromboli!!
I got into a habit of ordering NYPD Pizza anytime I had a babysitter come over for the girls.  Gianna got used to me getting her this Antipasto salad, so we split this the other night.  We heard Hot Dog Mike would be around NYPD, and my daughter was interested in that bit of news.  So we look forward to seeing how those 2 go together!  Well, that's all I wanted to share today!


  1. This is the first I've seen of your blog & thoroughly enjoyed browsing the posts. I too love NYPD & cooking although I have super picky eaters in my family. I'm probably not your target audience but thanks for your lovely blog.

  2. I love reading comments and I welcome them all. Thanks so much for taking a minute to tell me this. My daughter Sasha is super picky, but when I allow her to help me cook, she will occasionally try the food we prepare together. As for my target audience, I do strive for a diverse audience, and that means I hope to include as many people as possible. Thanks for liking my blog!