Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Local Lime - Little Rock, AR

I love food, and I love style.  So combine food & style together, providing good taste and even better atmosphere, and you get my favorite Mexican restaurant in town.  Local Lime.  Every other Mexican joint that has opened before them pales in comparison in my eyes.  I consider my environment, my ambience, my surroundings all to be very important when I choose a place to spend money on food.  I also consider the people serving and providing the food as well as the quality that it goes to show.  But most of all I'm really picky about where my food comes from and the standards that the people have in choosing ingredients to serve. 
We considered moving to Memphis last summer for my husband's job.  We drove back and forth many weekends over the summer, and decided that Memphis just doesn't have what Little Rock's got.  I love being minutes away from The Pomenade at Chenal.  Collierville had a similar area near Memphis, but that was the summer I realized that Little Rock is truly a special place.  Specifically West Little Rock...
I can have a great dining experience at just about all of the restaurants at The Promenade.  I can spend a little or a lot, depending on how much I want.  Take this a la carte taco for example.  It's the carnitas.  For the rest of the ingredients, check out the menu here.
My daughter Sasha loved these fun green striped straws that decorated the's the little things, you know.
Your choice of a frozen margarita from a very expensive machine, or an equally tasty on the rocks version from the mixologist at the bar.  Having a TCBY guy as an investor may have been a help towards the perfection of the machine.
I love tapas.  I love to order 2 or 3 and call it my meal.  It's very Cabo...very Playa.
Ceviche Baby.
Cheese Dip - for you Americans.
Enchiladas with cilantro rice and black beans.

Our friend Bart had the chicken tacos.  He's not such an adventurous eater.  If I ever order chicken in a restaurant, I probably hate the rest of the menu, and I have no choice but to stay and eat.  No offense, because I love the variety that Local Lime offers, and clearly my photos show my love for just about everything else on the menu.  This has just happened to me in a restaurant before.  And I really prefer cooking chicken at home over ordering it at a restaurant.  They did look really good, though.  Okay I'll try those next time.
This was my favorite...Love you Local Lime!  - xoxo


  1. Thanh, I've never been there, but after this post I HAVE to go. I'm with you, ceviche all the way and everyone else can have the cheese dip!

  2. Thanks Terri! I'm so glad you get me! :)

  3. Here's the weird thing, I'm usually a ceviche guy and could care less about cheese dip. At LL, I loved the dip and was a little ho-hum on the ceviche. Just a style thing...I prefer a more acidic ceviche with white fish.

    It's about time for another LL visit!

  4. Kevin,

    I have to say, I've been to LL several times now, and every experience has been different. Even the ceviche and margaritas have been served differently! I wonder if you'll notice that next time you visit? Either way, I've been happy!

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