Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tamale Spread

Allen, Texas, is home to one of the best Premium Outlets near Little Rock, Arkansas, but I didn't even walk into True Religion when I was there over Christmas.  It was hard.  But I stayed busy with family!  I learned about a tradition known by local residents of Hot Springs, Arkansas, which I was surprised that I didn't know about before.  I've spent a lot of time in Hot Springs!  What Arkansas resident hasn't?  My brother and his wife mentioned that we would be having a tamale spread, but I wasn't sure what they were talking about.  Then they said that it was a McClard's menu item.  Okay!
It started with some delicious brisket that my brother had been smoking forever in his smoker!  Don't you love the smell of anything in a smoker?!
For our lunch layout, we had tamales to start.  Next, we added the shredded, smoked brisket on top.  Then we layered some cheddar cheese on top.  At some point, there was some McClard's barbecue sauce that you can buy from the grocery store.  We also had some Fritos, but I skipped those.  I think McClards also has beans & onions, but we didn't have those.  If you're interested in the full McClard's tamale spread, check out the Tamale Spread here!

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