Thursday, November 29, 2012

Argenta Market

Two days ago, a handful of us Arkansas Women Bloggers gathered together at Argenta Market to sample some of the wonderful offerings from the establishment's deli and catering menus.  I know, everyone's confused because I thought I was moving to Memphis, I was there all summer, but then the outcome is that we are staying.  It's been very confusing to many of us.  But....I can still be part of Arkansas Women Bloggers!  And there are so many of us!  I was really happy to meet more since the last event that I attended at the Rockefeller Institute.
There were so many delicious dishes to taste!  After I tried the spinach parmesan dip from The Resident Chef, I decided that I would probably love all of her dishes.  I really look forward to trying more.  I like her packaging, I like her ingredients, and I like that she is local.  She's in Maumelle, Arkansas, right down the road from Little Rock.  Does everyone know that buying local means stimulating the economy in our community?  When you buy food from another country, you're sending money outside of our country.  And we need money to stay here.  Millions of dollars are sent to Mexico and the Middle East every year from the U.S.  According to Thomas Friedman, outsourcing is one of the top reasons that The World is Flat.  I'll step off the soap box now.  Which reminds me, I was really excited to recieve some Southern Girl Soapery in my All - Arkansas gift basket from Argenta Market!
You can choose from a $50 or $75 basket to send to your loved ones.  I was so delighted to unwrap my own basket!  I will explain in Stephaine Hamling's words on the ingredients in the basket because sometimes, it's easier to copy and paste!  These were the ingredients in the basket as well as info about the local products that you can find at Argenta Market.

My Brother's Salsa is produced in Fayetteville, AR. Helen learned to cook with her father and eventually tweaked her brother's salsa recipe to make it her own. This company produces a wide range of salsas, including seasonal offerings.

Stutzman's Pantry is owned by an Amish family in Belleville, AR. They make an extensive line of traditional jams and jellies. The Strawberry-Jalapeno is a favorite at Argenta Market.

War Eagle Mills Products

War Eagle Mill stands proudly as the premier Ozark-based producer of whole grain organic stone ground meals, flours and mixes. Dressings, jam, spreads, and sauces are also available.


Harvey's Honey and K-Bee Honey are both managed by experienced local beekeepers in Sherwood, AR. Larry at K-Bee provides use with cream and comb honey in addition to standard liquid honey.

Dip Mix

The Resident Chef

The Resident Chef is located in Maumelle, AR and owned by Sherri Mason. Sherri spent time working in the restaurant owned by her mother and eventually launched her company with Mom's Veggie Dip Mix inspired by her mother's recipe. She now makes a variety of dip, dessert, soup, side, and drink mixes.

Snack Sticks

Ratchford Farms

Purchased by Otis and Madge Ratchford in 1952, the Ratchford farm is now operated by their son L.C. Located in Marshall, AR, it has grown to include bison, beef, pork, and fruit farming. A variety of Ratchford Farms meats are available in our freezer case.

Handmade Soaps

Southern Girl Soapery

Proprietor and soapstress Stephanie Hamling started Southern Girl Soapery in October of 2012 in Little Rock, AR. The line of bar soaps utilizes plant oils and butters, botanicals, and natural clays. No artificial colors or scents are added.

Thanks to:
Stephanie Hamling
Local Products, Social Media, & Customer Service
Argenta Market
If you're nearby, you can always stop by Argenta Market to enjoy some of their deli selections, including the classic French Croque Monsieur, which they do extremely well with ham, smoked turkey, smoked gouda, chipotle mayo, and their own Southern twist of jalapeno cornbread.  Just like the classic, it is dipped in egg batter.  The panko, I'm not sure if it's part of the French take, or the Argenta take.
I sooooo enjoyed the beef & buffalo brats from Ratchford Farms.  They were topped with caramelized peppers and onions which really completed each bite.
And for those of you getting ready to entertain this holiday season, check out this beautiful fruit and cheese platter.  If you're feeling me on the local food scene, here's more info from Stephanie on this offering:

Daley Dairy is a three generation family farm located in Rose Bud, Arkansas. The cheese are made with raw milk and then vacuum sealed and aged for a minimum of 60 days to kill and bacteria and maximize taste.

Thanks SOOOO much to Stephanie, Brian, Stacey, & Kerri @ Argenta Market for having us!!!  We appreciate the hospitality, and we know that everyone else will too!  And to all my new blogger friends from this event, I'm so glad I got to meet you all!!

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