Monday, June 4, 2012

Bumpy's Tex Mex Grill & Cantina

Sunday afternoon my husband asked if I'd been to the restaurant that replaced The Faded Rose on Bowman in West Little Rock.  I told him no, but I'd seen a Groupon ad for a shrimp and jalapeno dish that looked pretty good.  He asked what type of food they had, and I said I thought Mexican.  Great!  He wanted a margarita, so we headed there.
So we pulled up, and there was a banner hanging in front that said "Happy Hour Everyday 3pm - 7pm" and that sounded good.  Then we found out that all the margaritas were only $2.50!  Even better!  So we got the bumpin' blue because I love blue curacao.  I also love all the mispronunciations of this liqueur!  I got mine frozen, and Jereme had his on the rocks.  They were superb.
The Shrimp Perfecto dish was also superb!  The shrimp, jalapeno, and monterey jack cheese are all bound by crisp, delicious bacon served on a sizzling platter with tasty white onions with lime butter to dip it in.  Everything was tasty.  Our server Chrissy was outstanding, the kids were happy, and we know we'll be back.  My husband told Chrissy that they had big shoes to fill because we loved The Faded Rose so much, but they did it well.  We're really glad to have them there.  The atmosphere reminded me of some of the El Paso and Las Cruces restaurants my husband and I used to visit when he lived at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.  That might have been some of the appeal to us too.  And my daughter Gianna screamed out, "This is way better than Senor Tequila!"  LOL

They have a few extra touches that I enjoyed, such as the fesh jalapeno that came with the salsa.  The cheese dip with chili was yummy, and the girls loved the free ice cream!  You can find Bumpy's Tex Mex Grill and Cantina at Bowman Curve in West Little Rock.    

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