Sunday, May 13, 2012

Go Red Luncheon

Last week was quite eventful for me.  Monday started with the annual Go Red For Women luncheon that I normally attend with my friends from one of the radio stations that I sell.  I've worked in radio advertising sales for about the last 3 years, so this was my third year to attend with B98 as the sponsor.  Our lunch included some lean roast beef stuffed with slightly creamy orzo pasta on a bed of lettuce greens with some balsamic dressing.  All delicious!
The luncheons are always inspirational.  Heart disease victims tell their stories of survival, and I'm always moved to be more fit, more aware, and to be as healthy as I can to prevent this number one killer from affecting me.  When I sold Altace, an ace inhibitor, a cardiologist came to speak to my sales force of 1000 people.  He said look to your left, and to your right.  That's how many people will be affected by heart disease.  Fifty percent...
I love the mission.  In the past, we've attended the luncheons at the Statehouse Convention Center.  This year, it took place at the Peabody Hotel Grand Ball Room.
The Peabody Hotel is known for the ducks who reside along the rooftop and in the lobby.  I thought it was super cute that the butter was carved into the shape of a duck!
I've always enjoyed attending these luncheons with my friends at the radio station.  Since I knew that I would be leaving, I wondered if this would be my last luncheon, or if maybe one of the girls would save me a place at the table next year.  As I thought about what I would miss when I left, I knew that events like these would be among them.
Whoever gets my seat next year, be sure to spend that $10 gift card to Macy's before it expires!
The desserts at events like these are always pretty little works of art.  Here is the Sugar Free Roasted Banana Panna Cotta.  I had one bite because I'm not a huge fan of sweets, but Christina loved hers...
Did I mention that I'm not a huge fan of sweets?  Okay, I ate half of this Neapolitan Cheesecake.  It was soooo good!
Here I am with my group of friends/co-workers who attended the luncheon together.  I'm the one holding the silver mask!  On Friday morning, I gave my two week notice to my day job.  In sales, it's common for your manager to offer to let you leave and still get paid with the courtesy of the two week notice.  In fact, many people hope for it.  So I'm officially retired from sales.  The rewards, the trips, and the bonuses were amazing! (Well, that was from my pharmaceutical sales job anyway.) 

I do know that it was my job at Cumulus Media where I was given the most support with Red Kitchen Recipes.  If everything happens for a reason, then I absolutely believe that the boost into the blogging world was the greatest thing that happened to me while at Cumulus (formerly Citadel).  Thanks to all of my friends there who follow my blog, and thanks for the help and support.  Good luck to you all!  Stay in touch with me on Facebook! XOXO

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