Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Saigon Cuisine

Spotted:  B98.5 radio's fabulous morning show hostess Lisa Fischer lunching with Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's brilliant, witty columnist Jennifer Saigon Cuisine!  If you don't watch Gossip Girl, you may not get that.  Or you may think that my literary prose is excellent.  Ha!  But anyway, I think they made this Vietnamese/Thai restaurant a little more trendy chic today.  So glad I spotted them there!
So Saigon Cuisine moved out of the Steinmart parking lot on Cantrell to the shopping center right next to Caper's on Highway 10, and we are so glad!  They are close to my house, they are close to the office, and they deliver!  In fact, I am still full now that it's the time that I usually try to get some dinner on the table.  Saigon Cuisine has a $5.99 lunch special every week day, and you get the soup of the day with a fried spring roll with that.  (Shown above.)  But wait, that's not all - you get your choice of steamed or fried rice!  All for $5.99 (plus tax.)

Today I wanted to see what portion sizes they provided for the lunch price, and I was pleasantly pleased.  I had plenty left over, and I was full.  Otherwise, I would have had a big bowl of pho (beef noodle soup), or pho do bien (seafood noodle soup), some fresh springrolls with shrimp and pork, or an extra order of fried springies.  I have a habit of ordering too much food.  Imagine that!

Try Saigon Cuisine.  My 3 companions and I were very happy with our food.  We even got there at 12 noon and left by 1:00.  Great timing...

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