Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ferneau (For Now)

My first visit to Ferneau was in 2007.  That was a big year in my life, so I remember.  My brother Tien was in town from Dallas - for a visit to Fidelity, his home office - for work stuff.  My husband Jereme was in Arizona working on a project for Bechtel (hello Halliburton) at Palo Verde.  The kids were still young, so I didn't really get out much.  My life was consumed with work and taking care of kids, getting them to school and trying to figure out how to work Little Rock, Springfield, and Joplin in a 2 week routing for King Pharmaceuticals.

I didn't even cook that much back then!  I know that Jayne came in from Jackson to unpack me in the new house that year.  It took me weeks to even find where she organized everything in my kitchen!  But well worth it.  Friends like Jayne are irreplaceable and so valuable to me in my life.  She drove Jereme and me to Memphis to catch our honeymoon flight to Playa del Carmen!  It saves you money to drive from Little Rock to Memphis and catch flights, btw.  I have a plethora of unforgettable memories with Jayne Caldwell Jackson.  She gets me, she makes me laugh, and she is witty like the writers of Sex and the City! ya, mean it...always!

Today I had lunch at Ferneau with another long time friend, Lisa.  Lisa was there when things got rough with an illness in my family.  I'll always remember the friends from that time.  Lisa was the first one of us to get a "real job" after college, too.  (I was still waiting tables!)  I always looked up to her for her independence and ambition.  It took me a little more time, but I eventually got there myself. 

Ferneau has been my favorite restaurant since my first visit there.  It's now under new ownership, and the name may or may not change.  As I've noticed the gradual differences in the restaurant's appearance, I really wish that they had not changed a single thing.  The food quality is still excellent.  I'm so glad they're open for lunch, and I'm sad that Kitchenco. is closing.  So hopefully Chef Donnie Ferneau will find a new venue for his cooking classes because his are the best in town!

Lunch at Ferneau was excellent!!  Lisa and I agreed that there were so many items that were appealing, we could have eaten just about anything on the menu!  

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