Saturday, April 21, 2012

Crawfish Boil 2012

This was our third year to attend our friend Brad Caldwell's Crawfish Boil at his house in Cabot, Arkansas.  Cabot is about 45 minutes north of Little Rock, our home in the state capital of Arkansas.  This is quite an occasion in many southern homes, with many variations.  Last year I loved discovering that the cooks at Brad's put button mushrooms, shrimp, corn, and smoked sausage into the mix with the crawfish.  This year they also included garlic cloves and jalapeno halves.....and, ooooohhhh....spicy!
Brad had a large crowd out on this beautiful, sunny afternoon.  There were several jumbo - sized pots to cook the 235 pounds of crawfish that they had on hand.  Cabot is what some people like to call "God's Country."  If you live here, you have lots of room to move.  Here, they have a lake filled with catfish, a gazebo, a treehouse and trampoline at the neighbors', horseshoes, and 4 Wheelers!  All the neighbors were at the Brad Caldwell Crawfish Boil, since they hang out on a regular basis.  And this is the third year for us!
There were several large tubs under the awning - covered cooking area.  I made my way through the chair - covered "tailgate" area to have a closer look.  Yes, the crawfish were alive and kicking.  Crawfish are cooked while still alive like lobsters are.
To me, a table filled with a huge pile of crawfish is so appealing.  Sasha said that to her, it's hard to peel them, and they have tiny little dot eyeballs.  Which I did not actually notice.  I'm just proud of Sasha for trying!  She's 6, and she wonders if anybody reading this knows who she is...
You get your choice of grabbing a tray full of food and going to sit down to enjoy your feast, or you can stand around the makeshift crawfish - eating table, which Brad explained is actually 2 sawhorses with a top wrapped in plastic with a hole in the middle and a trash can underneath that catches all of your shells. 

I can't wait to see what's new next year, Brad.  And thanks to you and your wife Lisa for your wonderful southern hospitality!!!

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