Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Diamond Chef Arkansas Preliminary Contest

Yesterday, I was so excited to walk into The Peabody Hotel lobby to see so many white culinary coats representing the Pulaski Technical College Culinary School, to see the chefs hard at work in their stations, and to smell the delicious delights that they were preparing!
There were 2 stages set up, and the stage on the left had Executive Chef Matt Cooper of Lulav with his sous chef working hard and fast to produce delicious plates based on secret ingredients provided to them at the last minute.  Have you seen Food Network's Chopped?  Very similar.  Below is the dish that Chef Cooper finished in the first heat.  Love the puff pastry!
When I arrived, I met my friend Kristi, then went to greet my friend Todd Gold- director of the culinary school at Pulaski Tech - the awesome people putting on this event!  Todd and I talked about our kids, our spouses, then I thanked him for the Facebook invite to this free event!  So exciting!  He said, "Blog about it."  I told him I thought about it, but I wasn't sure if I could get good pics of it.  He told me to just walk up like I belonged there.  So I did.
In heat one, Lulav's Chef Cooper made these raviolis.  Nice, huh?  (I got a close shot!)
I was rooting for Team Lulav, but Pulaski Tech's Cynthia Malik won the first round with the above dish!  Later on, I realized that my husband's childhood friend Richard was her sous chef!  I have to say, her team stayed close to her stage to show her some support.  Nice!
The dishers were all biddable for your tasting.  Starting at $20 - $25, you could sign yourself up to be the lucky one to taste the finished dish of these talented chefs on this day.  This was just the start of the competition.... Okay, I will post more soon!

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