Sunday, February 26, 2012

Foie Gras

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There was a time when I ate a lot of foie gras.  I travelled to NYC often and enjoyed it in restaurants like L'Atelier at the Four Seasons Hotel and Asia de Cuba where Carrie once ate in an episode of Sex and the City.  I've had foie gras in every course - in ravioli, in soup, as an appetizer with matchstick apples, and in several different tasting menus.  When Jereme and I visited Budapest for my winning Presidents Club, I ate it everyday, except it's just called goose liver on their menus.  The sidewalk cafes were the best along the cobblestone streets of Hungary! 

There's a small controversary surrounding foie gras.  I purchased the D'artagnan presliced fresh moulard duck foie gras.  This compay produces natural and organic food, and they're listed in my Thomas Keller Bouchon book as one of the companies that he recommends.  The ducks are fed corn only, and they like to stuff themselves just before they migrate, so their livers are naturally enlarged.  I found a package of 2 slices at the meat counter at Terry's Finer Foods.

Some people are in love with foie gras - I know I developed my interest in it from hearing about it on Iron Chef and other Food Network shows.  Some people are heavily against it for the way that some people produce it, and yet others have no idea what it is...

So with our tax return money, my husband got a new set of tires for his big truck.  I got some foie gras!  It costs $99 per pound, but I certainly didn't buy an entire pound.

 I scored the foie gras on each side, then seared it over high heat in my flat cast iron skillet for just about a minute on each side.  It shrinks up quite a bit.  I also drained them on both sides with a paper towel.

The little seared medalliions are so rich, I plated them with some fresh mango salsa and toast points.  The flavor is really buttery, and the texture is silky.  I feel privileged to have enjoyed so much of this stuff!  It feels like living in the lap of luxury to have foie gras on my plate again.  But it's not something that I could eat on a regular basis.  I just live a simple life now, so I really don't mind that I'm not travelling the way that I used to.  Sometimes I miss it, but I think that knowing that I have those experiences to remember are good enough.  Life is really good just having more face time with the kids and my husband.