Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Charcuterie Plate with Creminelli Tartufo Salami

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I have Thomas Keller's book Bouchon that my friend Christy first introduced me to because she saw a dish on his web site that looked good, and she wanted me to make it.  After I enjoyed the book with a Grande Caramel Brulee Latte at Barnes & Noble, I let Jereme know that I'd love to have it.  It was one of my presents for Christmas.  Seriously, ladies, let your man know what you want!  In light of yesterday being Valentines Day....for years I would say, "Oh, don't get me anything" in hopes that he would read my mind and go out to get me Gerbera Daisies.  He didn't know what they were, up until a few years ago when I showed him a picture.  Now I get them for Valentines, Anniversaries (the day we met and the day we wed), Mothers Day, Birthday....all important days and therefore capitalized here.  I find that it's best to give him 3 gift ideas, and he can choose for himself.  That way the element of surprise is still there for me when opening my gift!  I've also created a Pinterest board titled "Gifts I'd love" so that I can post the pins to his Facebook. 
The salami is made with black summer truffles, found by specially - trained dogs to sniff them out in northern Italy between June and October.  Creminelli Tartufo Salami has been a finalist for two national specialty food awards including Outstanding Meat Product and Outstanding New Product.  With all the growing concern about what our food is eating - I read an article in Saveur magazine about acorn fed pork - I haven't had time to research what these are fed, but I know that the salami ingredients are pretty natural with no added nitrates or nitrites.  My family loved this stuff!
I picked up the Creminelli Tartufo Salami from Hillcrest Artisan Meats on Kavanaugh in Little Rock.  My friend Jay from kitchenco. told me about the new store's opening a few months ago.  When I stopped by the store to feel them out, I found that they were really knowledgeable about all the food I loved, and I found that they have the same passion for utilizing local organic farms. 

So my family really enjoyed this little charcuterie plate that we often do with so many different ingredients.  According to Thomas Keller (from his book Bouchon), a charcuterie plate is the name given to a range of sausages both cooked and dry - cured, pates and terrienes, and cured ham, a centuries - old craft in France.      
We chose to use the Creminelli Tartufo Salami, some St. Andres cheese (very similar to brie), some sliced radish, and some chive crackers that we picked up at Capers Market.  Oh how we love to browse all the different markets!

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