Sunday, November 13, 2011


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Pomegranates are everywhere right now!  They are usually in season September through February, but this is the time of year that I notice them most.  This time of year also coincides with the time that stores start to place the fresh cranberries and large roasting turkeys, hens, and hams on display.
The girls always want one pomegranate of their own to take home from the store.  We found some really big ones from The Fresh Market.  The seeds were perfectly sweet and tart.

The seeds are called arils, and you can eat them whole.  You can slice the pomegranate in half, then in quarters.  From there, you can break them apart really easily and harvest the little seeds out.

They're a fun part of this fall season!


  1. We love pomegranates at our house. YUM!
    ~ Billlie

  2. My mom has a pomegranate tree. She's requested that I make her some pom jelly this year. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Stephanie, that sounds sooo good!! I bet that pomegranate tree is pretty too!