Saturday, November 5, 2011

Antipasto with Starfruit

Antipasto is an Italian culinary experience meaning "before the meal," but on occasion in the home of the Red Kitchen, it IS the meal.  Just like Spanish tapas, another favorite tradition of ours that is similar.  We love to combine small bites of different foods that compliment each other, such as cured meats with crusty bread, cheeses, and seasonal fruit.  Today we had salami with white cheddar cheese, french baguette bread, and starfruit.  Starfruit is more of a Southeast Asian occurrance, but that's what you get in this Italian Asian melting pot:  a little bit of fusion food preparation.  I think that if you let it get ripe and turn yellow, it is sweeter.  But we enjoyed its slightly tart kiwi like flavor today.  And hey, they had it at The Fresh Market today.  What is actually not pictured is the pomegranate, prosciutto, and olive oil bread dipper that we also had.  It was a great Saturday lunch!  And fun for my daughters...

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