Friday, October 14, 2011

Smoked Salmon Crostini

My daughter Gianna is 8 years old, but if you've ever talked to her, you've recognized her maturity immediately.  When she was in kindergarten, the PTA president at her school said to me, "Talking to Gianna is like talking to an adult."  When whe was in the 3 year old building at Miss Selmas, one of Little Rock's best preschools ever, her teacher told me that she could probably leave and let Gianna run the class.  That was how good she was.  Gianna also made me start this food blog because she insisted that my food is REALLY good....I think she's just a bit biased!  The entire reason for this food blog is because she wanted me to do it.  Quoting one of her favorite Taylor Swift songs, Gianna, although you always act so grown up,  "I wish you'd never grow up."
Gianna loves smoked salmon.  I get the Wild Alaskan (I wonder why) Sockeye Salmon that is applewood smoked.  This appetizer is on top of a few baguette slices.  I spread some light garlic and herb spreadable cheese on the slices, top with the smoked salmon, then add some capers.  Easy.  For my mature little 8 year old who insisted I start a food blog to chronicle our family's food.

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