Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cheddar Potato Soup

Today the temperature dropped again after warmer weather yesterday, so it was a great day for soup.  One of our favorite soups to prepare is Bear Creek Cheddar Potato soup mix found in the soup aisle.  Think of this recipe as an episode of Sandra Lee's semi - homemade! 
For a topping, I made some pancetta, which is an Italian bacon.  We like the light, thin crisp of these round pieces that crumble just beautifully.  I followed the instructions on the soup mix, topped it with some pancetta, then added some snipped chives and cheddar chips, cut into cubes then into slices.
A delicious soup to remind us of the times that the leaves started to fall to the ground, their colors changed, and we sat around as Sasha strummed the guitar, and the girls sang Taylor Swift songs together.

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