Saturday, September 3, 2011

Smoked Salmon

Creating good food for my family creates great memories, and many times the food that I create for them have come from a memory of having had that great food before.  In this case, it's hard to recall where exactly I was - I know I was in a nice resort in Playa del Carmen or Cabo San Lucas.  I know that one of those places was where I encountered this smoked salmon for the first time on a fabulous Caribbean breakfast buffet.  It's amazing to have breakfast in a resort that overlooks the ocean, whether the waters are swimmable or not.  This appetizer is now a favorite of Jereme's and Gianna's.  Sasha says she is willing to try a caper soon.
Take the smoked salmon out of the package, top with finely chopped red onions, then top with rinsed capers.  Squeeze half a lemon or lime on top, then sprinkle some black pepper over it.  Also great when you dot it with some Boars Head Delicatessen Style Mustard with White Wine.  I love the spiciness of the horseradish, the pickled flavor of the tiny caper, and the smokiness of the salmon - all in one bite.

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