Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kitchenco. LeCreuset Dinnerware Giveaway!

Here's your chance to win this 16 piece set of LeCreuset dinnerware.  Shown above in Cobalt, you an also choose from many of the LeCreuset signature colors such as Cherry, Flame, Fennel, and Dijon.  If you want to drool at it in person, go by Kitchenco. at Pleasant Ridge Town Center to see this brand new line!  Thanks to Kitchenco. for this dreamy giveaway!  Here's how to win:

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You can enter up to 3 times for 3 entries.  Three comments get you three entries.  Last day to enter is two weeks from now - September 28th.  If you have plenty of dinnerware, do you have anyone special in your life who would love to have this?  Man, I wish I could win!  Any questions, contact me at

So Monday night's cooking class at Kitchenco. was all about utilizing good, fresh ingredients.  Our instructor of the evening was Chef Donnie Ferneau of my favorite restaurant Ferneau - located in Little Rock's historic Hillcrest area.  Some of my favorite meals are on the Ferneau menu:  Escargot, Ahi Tuna, Beef Carpaccio, and Rack of Lamb.  I've spent at least 4 of my birthdays there.

Thanks to Ashley Carson Photography for all the fabulous photography shown on this blog post from this evening.  The Carsons - Ashley and Jason - are my great neighbors who are known to create delicious meals for me and my family, as well as often hosting cookouts for the rest of the cul de sac.  It's great to have people to talk about food with!    
Chef Donnie had picked up some fresh tomatoes from the Farmers Market at the Little Rock River Market on Saturday.  We love going down there!
He also brought in some pretty Patty Pan Squash that his friend's aunt grew in her garden.  The class is just like an episode of Guy Fieri - there's food, he talks about techniques such as cutting skills, and he tells a few stories.  Very entertaining.  Did Guy Fieri audition on Next Food Network Star, and has his stardom surpassed Rachael Ray's?  What a lucky guy!!
We talked about using a good knife, or a serrated one to cut tomatoes.  He showed us where to properly hold a knife when cutting.  Never refrigerate tomatoes, and fyi the yellow and orange ones are lower in acidity.

Okay, I admit I was talking during this part.  I may have missed it, but the pictures seem to tell the story!  To make the Bruschetta, Chef drizzled some Porcini Mushroom and White Truffle Oil Bread Dipper on the plate.  He dipped slices of crusty bread from Boulevard - it is fun to watch them slice your bread there.  Then he grilled them for us.  Seeing this picture makes me want to eat it again!  It was SO GOOD!
As Chef prepared the Mahi Mahi, he talked about how fish should smell like the ocean.  Feel free to ask the seafood department how old the fish is, and you can also ask to smell it.  Ferneau has their fish flown in fresh.
   Chef used a little of his own Ferneau Seasoning to season the fish along with some Maison Terre blackened spice mix.  We met the creator of the spice mix, who shared with us that she makes organic spice mixes.  He also zested some lemon over it, and finished it with some olive oil.
The fish went down on the grill.

The tomatoes and heirloom patty pan squash were added.
The outcome of the Mahi Mahi was delicious and flavorful with a perfect texture.
Next we had ribeye marinated in bloody mary seasoning, then grilled along with asparagus and green onions.  Ashley's brother - in - law Matt who lived in South America for some time said that he always had grilled green onions with his meals.  This was the first time I'd ever had it!  By the way, Matt was telling me about his year living in Ecuador because my husband thinks we should retire there.  So I was halfway taking notes on the food, and halfway taking notes on Ecuador!  I really loved the grilled green onions, and the steak was delicious!  The squash was also as delicously buttery as I knew it would be!
There's that blue LeCreuset platter that I need to go back to Kitchenco. to buy!  Ashley takes great pictures!!  What if I'd missed out on seeing that while I was discussing Otavalo, and Imbabura and its capital Ibarra!   
I was really delighted to have grilled pineapple for dessert because I usually never have cake or pie or creme brulee at the end of a meal.  I already feel like I need to hike Pinnacle Mountain after a good, filling meal anyway.  Not that I really would.  Well, maybe I should.  Anyway, I'm also not into excessive amounts of butter or sugar.  I know others love sweets - just not me.
The pineapple spears were coated with a mango ginger habanero sauce, then grilled on the charcoal grill.  So delicious!!
More great photos:
 Sliced Patty Pan Squash
Veggies are delicious and healthy.

Slice steaks across the grain.
Hey that's me in the purple back there.  Then there's Kristi to the left, Matt, Jason, and Kinsey! 


  1. Beautiful dishes, great photos, and helpful tips- you've done it again! Don't remember when I finally learned to slice tomatoes with a serrated knife, but it certainly made life better. It's true the yellow tomatoes are less acidic, but I've yet to find one with a really stand out flavor. They make a nice accent, however. Cheers!

  2. Oh, meant to add that I'm already following you as per #1 & #2, which means I know right away when you have fun new posts!

  3. I didn't know you aren't supposed to refrigerate tomatoes.

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  7. For my third entry, I will comment on your grilled asparagus above. This is my most favorite way to prepare it, grilled, sprinkled with a bit of Italian seasoning and olive oil.

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