Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cooking Class at Kitchenco.

One of my favorite things to do is attend cooking class at Kitchenco. at Pleasant Ridge Town Center.  I've had some great nights there with my husband,with my book club, my neighbors, and with random friends.  If you enjoy watching any show on Food Network or Cooking Channel, then you'd love this.  This is sitting up close to the action with a live person talking directly to you, giving you cooking tips, and yes, you can even ask questions, sample generous portions of delicious food, and have some wine.  Forget about Smellivision.  This is so much better.

I had a great time attending this class!  My neighbor Ashley Carson is a professional photographer.  She took all the pictures this evening!  Her husband Jason came along.  Also her sister Kinsey and husband Matt.  Then one of my besties Kristi came along too! 

So tonight we had grilled ribeye and mahi mahi with a radish microsalad and bruschetta, not in that order.  It could be the wine that I had at the class that clouds my memory, or it could be that I was having so much fun visiting with everyone at my table that one of my friends had to remind me that I was supposed to be paying attention so that I could blog this!

Here's the other problem - I am exhausted, I've had computer problems, camera issues, and I just really wanted to get a post up - as it has been over the amount of time that I usually post.  Hopefully I can overcome the issues and post something new soon!

Please check back when I can tell you about the next big giveaway!  LeCreuset Tableware/Dinnerware valued at $199 - a 16 piece set!  And I promise to post more about this fabulous cooking class when my computer is more cooperative!


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