Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wagyu Steak

I first heard of Wagyu Beef at Arthur's Prime Steakhouse here in Little Rock.  It was explained to me that the Wagyu beef is very similar to Kobe beef.  I had heard of Kobe beef lots on Food Network, specifically on Iron Chef episodes.  So my friend at Arthur's explained that the Wagyu or Kobe cows are treated differently; they're massaged, and fed beer or wine or sake.  So they're extremely tender and flavorful compared to other cuts of beef.

I am a BIG steak lover, so I couldn't resist trying!  I have eaten steak at Ruth's Chris, Does Eat Place, Sonny Williams, Gramercy Tavern, & LeCirque.   The Australian Wagyu at Arthur's Prime Steakhouse is truly the most memorable experience I've ever had with steak.  Of course, I had it with a special reserve of Mark West Pinot Noir, and I enjoyed it all in the delightful atmosphere of Arthur's.

So for Fathers Day 2011, I bought some Wagyu steaks from Terry's Finer Foods and made them with great care and love for my husband, the best father I could have ever asked for my sweet daughters to have.  I'm pretty proud of the grill marks that I produced just by heating up my grill pan really hot before placing the steaks on over medium high heat.  After I flipped them, I let them sear a little longer - about 3 minutes - then I finished them in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 minutes for medium rare.  (They were 12 oz. each.)

These steaks are truly the best treat - a good source of omega 3's and higher in the good fats than the bad fats!

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