Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Purple Cow Purple Ice Cream Pie

Here in Arkansas, Little Rock and Hot Springs are known for frequent visits by former President Bill Clinton.  He was, after all, Governor of Little Rock to the fullest term limit allowed, and Hot Springs I believe is or was the home of his mother.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.  Let's get to the point already.  Coincidentally, these two towns in Arkansas both have an eatery, actually, a staple, as my husband put it:  The Purple Cow.

The family - friendly atmosphere is too much fun, the food is so satisfying, and the kids love it!!  Believe me, the wait is worth it!  So tonight in the Red Kitchen we had The Purple Cow owner Todd Gold and his too - much - fun wife Cindy over.  My husband Jereme and Todd have been friends FOR EVAH!  So when I said "Honey, I just read at Arkansas Times Online that Todd won Chef of the Year.....Jereme was like, "Pffff....Todd can't cook!"  That's the kind of fun you get to have with someone you know that well for that long.  I am pretty sure that Todd CAN cook.     

You people who know me really, really well know that I hardly ever eat anything sweet..I mean, I would feel like I have to hike Pinnacle Mountain if I do!  But look at how beautiful this sweet temptation is!  I looooved it......purple ice cream on a bed of oreo cookie crust topped with oreos and whipped cream.  Gianna laughed as she does when she sees me eat something sweet because she knows how rarely I do this.
Here she is enjoying her purple ice cream pie.  And she ain't laughin' now!  And Jereme, who says that his childhood buddy Todd can't cook, well he ate a quarter of the pie that the Golds left behind for us.  Here are a few other things that made our night great!
 Jereme loves to light candles when we have people over.  I love to put out bejeweled toothpicks!
 We also put out some other goodies, like Brie.  Brie is so yummy.....not like yam.  Sasha wrote a sentence in Kindergarten saying "Yam is yuck."  As I told another Baker mom about it, she laughed and said, "But yam IS yuck."  LOL
Baby Water Crackers, Kalamata & Green Olives, & Dutch Parrano Cheese - a delicious combo!
Prosciutto, Basil, and Mozzarella Roll

Todd & Cindy, thanks for a wonderful evening!!! XOXO 


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