Sunday, April 3, 2011

Italian Panini

I made this special sandwich with lots of love for Gianna for lunch today because I am so proud of her dedication and commitment.  She has a lot to do to get ready for her First Communion this year, and she also has a busy soccer schedule that she tirelessly attends.  I know that her dedication and commitment will carry her far in life.  Gianna, you make Mom & Dad so proud!!  Here's how you'll make your favorite panini someday.
Prep your ingredients:
  • Thinly  - sliced Proscuitto
  • Milano Salami
  • Thinly - sliced cucumbers
  • Provolone or white cheddar
  • Crusty Italian bread
  • Ranch dressing
  1. Spray canola oil on a flat cast iron skillet with no sides.
  2. Spread ranch dressing on each slice of bread.
  3. Assemble bread, then cheese, then cucumbers, then meat.
  4. Press with a bacon press and smush it really well - be careful and don't let the bread slide out on you!
 When you're satisfied with the outer golden crust, your Italian Panini is ready!

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