Thursday, March 17, 2011


I learned how to make scallops from Donnie Ferneau in a cooking class at Kitchen Co.  I've attended a few classes with my husband.  (It makes a great date night!)  Another time we doubled with the neighbors.  And, I've also been with my book club girls.  Yes, I love cooking class.  What I took away from this class was that the scallops need to start off dry, and the pan needs to be really hot.
 I dry mine on a paper towel.  Then I heat my Lodge Logic cast iron skillet until it's really hot (I do use canola spray on everything) and I hope that nothing sticks!  Feel free to season them.  I just enjoy the taste of them with lemon squeezed over them. 

I usually cook them 5 minutes over medium high heat, flip them one time, then another 5.  I'm trying to redeem my picture - taking ability after my friend Bob Steel at work agreed with me that the seafood crepe picture didn't look good.  Thanks Bob!  So I'm posting another scallop picture here.  I think it turned out better than my last post.

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