Friday, March 25, 2011

Papperdelle with Meat Sauce

I have watched some of the Food Network hosts make this, even from scratch.  Would I like my own pasta maker?  Perhaps.  Yesterday I got a text:  Could we have some pasta with meat sauce and bread and salad please.  So I set out to Whole Foods, the store I love the most, and picked up some papperdelle for the first time ever. 

I grabbed a 99 cent baguette, some Newmans Own tomato sauce, and headed home.  I considered some ground bison, but it's around $8 per pound.  Out of my budget at the moment!  I also considered ground turkey, but I decided to go with a little iron.   I knew we had some ground beef at home, and hey I was keeping the meal at around $12!  For a family of 4, that's an averagre of $3 per person.

See, you can eat a quick, easy, cheap meal without driving through Burger King.  Following package directions of this deliciously thin pasta, it's done in 7 minutes.

So Jereme browned the ground beef, drained it, and added the sauce.  Sasha just wanted noodles with butter and cheese.  The rest of us had this: (I garnished with a little parsley that's growing in our planters outside.  Neighbors, help yourselves.  There's also rosemary in the back!)

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